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What are COIN and BreakPoints

Redeeming COIN for Charity

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About Jinglz Video

The PlayJinglz Contests area is the destination where PlayJinglz users watch short videos in their entirety and receive one entry into an hourly jackpot style drawings for rewards. The best part is that everyone who enters a contest will receive at least a COIN (our premium points) in every hourly drawing. The COIN amount will vary from game to game based on your RANK (position), which is chosen randomly using an automated algorithm selecting first to last place positions and the amount of the COIN pool.

About the Games

Games are held hourly on the hour. Players have until XX:59:59 to complete watching their videos and be validated into the drawing. To qualify for entry, a video must be viewed in its entirety with the volume up using Jinglz patent-pending mobile ad verified engagement technology.

About the Drawings

The drawings are random, and our proprietary algorithm selects winners from the 1st place position all the way to last place. Every user is assigned a RANK randomly. The amount of COIN in the "jackpot" is determined by the number of participants in the hourly drawing. Each participant adds 25 COIN to the jackpot. The amount paid out is determined by the user's RANK from the drawing. "Jackpot" sizes will vary from drawing to drawing as will your RANK and amount of COIN you will win based on these factors.

About the COIN

A COIN is our measurement of premium points. The amount of COIN a user accumulates will vary from game to game based on where the user is ranked in that drawing. Each COIN is equivalent to US$0.001.

About the BreakPoints

The new Jinglz BreakPoints are a great way to win and engage even more than before. These BreakPoints will allow users in the future to enter “special” contests, earn prize modifiers in COIN contests, earn special badges and avatars, and unlock “secret” content. These points currently can be earned through the “Flip It” and “Know It” mini-games in the PlayJinglz app. More games and more ways to engage are coming soon.

About Redeeming COIN

Redeeming COIN is easy as clicking the REDEEM button and confirming your phone number via a text message. COIN redemption starts at 20000 COIN for cash prizes and no minimum amount to donate to charity. Other rewards may include charitable contributions, cool prizes such as gift cards, products from contest sponsors, and unique experiences.