Jinglz Inc. Releases New Gaming App That Uses Facial Detection for Verified Ad Views

In Press Releases by Ebony Hunter

Mount Dora, April 9, 2018 – Jinglz Inc., a mobile ad tech startup from Central Florida, is proud to announce the live production release of the PlayJinglz mobile app, and it is now available for public download through the Google Play Store.  As a first demonstration of their “Verified View” technology, the PlayJinglz app highlights the company’s unique approach to mobile ad engagement.

PlayJinglz allows users to watch short sponsored video content and play games in exchange for rewards and entries into sweepstake-style contests. The “Verified View” technology Jinglz has created uses facial and audio detection to verify that users actually watch each sponsored video in full. Once a video ad has been viewed, the user is rewarded with an entry into a contest where they win COIN, which can be redeemed for cash, donations to charity, and soon merchandise and gift cards.

Jinglz Chief Product Officer, Dewey Robbins, has designed a simple time-burner gaming experience with the PlayJinglz app that leverages their unique technology and features the power of rewards & verification to completely transform a user’s engagement with digital advertising.  “App users typically don’t hate ads.  What they hate is the interruption, and for years that’s all digital advertising has been about, “ said Dewey. “We spent over a year with a closed group of beta users to test different rewards models for improving engagement with mobile ads.  When they know they’re going to see an ad, when the message is targeted to their interests, and they’re rewarded for their time & attention, it turns out users actually will engage with advertising.  We used that discovery to build new technology surrounding Verified Views, backend contest management, and rewards– all of which we incorporated into the new PlayJinglz mobile app.”

The next step for Jinglz Inc is to launch a new ad platform for mobile devices where digital marketers and agencies can create targeted mobile video campaigns that will run on the PlayJinglz app and future apps from other publishers who wish to monetize their apps by joining the platform and leveraging this same technology.  Senior Marketing & Business Intelligence Strategist at Jinglz, Scott Crumpler, commented, “In the coming weeks our new ad platform will be live, and we’re currently reaching out to agencies, companies, and digital marketing professionals to offer them a first-look opportunity to advertise to our users.  Accessing a guaranteed audience of real, verified engagement is something no other ad platform currently offers in this way, and we’re confident that marketers will see the value of guaranteed views.”

About Jinglz
Jinglz is an innovative mobile advertising technology company currently developing a platform focused on gamification, engagement, and positive exchange between advertisers, publishers, and users. They recently moved into new offices in Mount Dora, FL and successfully closed a Title III funding round through StartEngine.com that raised close to a million dollars in investment, which they’re utilizing to bring their platform to market and continue development.

Media Contact:
Scott Crumpler

Investor Contact:
Aaron Itzkowitz