How Jinglz Works

Simply watch a short 30-second video in entirety. Each view receives an entry into an hourly contest and wins COIN. The more people who watch and play, the bigger the contests. Users can easily redeem COIN via Paypal.

What People Are Saying About Jinglz

By far the best app on the market and I have cashed out every time. My wife and I have made 15 dollars.

Jinglz is awesome! What else can I say. I love the Jinglz team, very friendly and all the Jinglz’ers! I enjoy watching the videos! I can’t wait till they offer referral incentives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be located in the USA to play Jinglz?

Yes. Currently the game is only available for users located in the United States.

Why do I need to provide my personal information?

We gather your personal information in order to validate you as a user, pay prizes, and select ads and promotions that would interest you.

Why does the app ask me for my location?

Jinglz is intended for users based in the United States, so we must insure users of located in the United States. We also use the location data to provide relevant offers in your area. Any location services will only access this information during the use of the Jinglz app. Jinglz follows the location information standard practices of both Apple IOS and Google Android.

Why does the app ask me for access to my camera?

As indicated in the Jinglz Privacy Policy, for the purpose of participating and validating you entry into jackpot contests, Jinglz must verify your engagement with the material and services. Jinglz will utilize the camera on your smartphone or other camera-enabled accessing device to detect engagement by monitoring that you are able to watch each video in its entirety, by locating your face and related features that may include your eyes and nose.

We use your device’s camera to verify that you are viewing the videos during play, but photos or videos are not captured nor stored. Nor does the device use the camera in any way when videos are not actively playing.

Jinglz does not capture photographic, video, or sound from users nor store on its servers any images of users with the exception of custom avatars created and uploaded by the users.

Do you sell my personal information?

No. Your privacy is paramount to us. Your personal information is secured in our database and we never share, sell it, nor rent it. All information is kept in secure databases in order to protect you. If you want more information, please see our privacy policy.

What information about me do you keep?

Jinglz will keep the information that you provide when you register for the app and any other answers that you provide when answering poll and survey questions. We do this to ensure the most entertaining experience for you.

We keep relevant information that assist our sponsors and advertisers to share videos that you will appreciate most.

What is the value of a Jinglz COIN?

A Jinglz COIN has the value of US$0.01.

Do Jinglz COIN expire?

Yes. If your account is inactive for more than 120 consecutive days, we reserve the right to close your account permanently and cease to maintain your account records. Additionally, if your account is inactive for more than 120 consecutive days, we will debit your account your full COIN balance. COIN is not real money, does not have monetary value, and may not be exchanged for anything of monetary value from outside our services without our written permission. Upon written request and subject to our review and approval, we may reinstitute your account balance to the same levels as when your account went dormant.

How can I redeem my COIN?

You can redeem COIN once you’ve reach a total of 500 COIN. PayPal is currently the only solution we are currently using to move redeemed COIN into users accounts directly. For redemption amounts over $100, a check is sent via US Mail in 7-10 business days.

How quickly do I receive my money after I redeem COIN?

Typically within 12 hours or sooner. Once the COIN is redeemed, it is processed by PayPal and we don’t have any control how long it will take to deposit into your PayPal account. Checks for amounts over $100, usually take between 7-10 business days.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?

You can easily create your PayPal account from the link our the Jinglz Redeem page. The other option is to save up an amount of COIN over $50 and request a paper check via US Mail.

How is the jackpot amount determined?

All games jackpot sizes are determined by the number of players that are entered in the specific hourly game.

How are winners selected?

All participants in every game win. We use a proprietary formula that randomly selects the positions from first to last for each player in the game.

Our program randomly selects players, assigns a rank position, and then awards the prize for that position. The rank generator is not influenced by any other actions than an actual entry via viewing a video. This makes the total odds of winning first place based on the number of entrants.

Example: If a contest has 100 entries, each player has a chance of 1% to finish in each position, including 1st place and 1% to finish in exactly each of the other total 100 positions based on rank.

Can I continuously watch videos?

No. You can initiate up to 4 videos if you are not entered into any contests. This is the maximum amount of videos that you may watch continuously as long as you are not already entered into any open contests. If you are already entered in open contests and those drawings have not yet taken place, you can initiate and watch videos up to a total of 4 open games. You may watch unlimited videos from your game history, but these videos do not gain you entry into any jackpots.

How often are games held?

Games are held each hour on the hour, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Sometimes awards of prizes may take up to :05 after the hour for the previous hour. All times on the app are in Eastern Standard Time.

Why do videos sometimes stop playing?

Jinglz needs to confirm your face is facing the phone screen. If the light in the area is low, then the app is unable to confirm your engagement. For a better experience always play in a well-lit area or that there is light facing your face from behind the phone to light up your face.